700 Wilmington Facilities Rental Policies

We are pleased to offer rentals of the Ballroom and connecting spaces; Catering Kitchen, the Courtyard, Cabana and the River Bluff. These spaces will operate under the following policies:

Deposits, Billing and Payments

A signed contract and a non-refundable deposit in the amount of one half (1/2) of the total rental or $500.00, whichever is greater, is required to confirm your date.  The balance of payment is due sixty (60) days prior to the event. 

Payments may be made via Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, cash or personal check.  All payments made by credit cards will be subject to a convenience fee.  Checks should be payable to Wilmington Plantation Homeowners Association.  Balances due will be billed to customer’s credit card if not paid within the specified amount of time.  

A credit card from renter must be on file sixty (60) days before event date.   This card may be used in case any additional fees are incurred.  Additional fees could include additional cleaning fees, damage to property or ending event after midnight. By signing the contract you have agreed to abide by these policies.  Charges are based on information provided at the time of signing the contract.


All money paid toward the event will forfeited in the event of cancellation.

Event Coordinator

Venue rental space requires an event coordinator.  700 Wilmington Events offers their services as event coordinators.  If you choose not to use these services, you can use a professional planning service of your liking.

Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic beverages must be handled by 700 Wilmington's pre-approved, licensed and insured vendor.  

Identification will be required - no one under the age of twenty-one (21) will be served alcohol. The bar manager and any bartender on duty reserve the right to refuse service at any event.  No shots or shooters will be served on the premises.   All federal, Georgia ATF, and local laws must be complied with and the 700 Wilmington reserves the right to halt alcohol consumption at any event at any time.


Clients holding events requiring audio / visual set-up must contract with a qualified A/V vendor. All cords and cables must be secured and approved for safety.


No helium or other items that could rise to ceiling are allowed in the Ballroom and the Cabana. Because of environmental concerns no helium balloons may be released on the property.

Banners/Hanging Items

Event-related banners may be hung only with prior approval from the Events Coordinator and only from free standing poles.  No items may be hung from the walls or woodwork at any time.  Banners that cannot be hung safely and without causing damage to the Ballroom or Cabana will not be approved. Banners or other promotional materials found to be objectionable by the 700 Wilmington will be removed and the renter will be billed for any damages incurred.

Catering Kitchen

The catering kitchen must be left spotless by the renter/caterer. No left over food or trash should be left in the kitchen or anywhere in the Ballroom or Cabana once the event is over.

It is the responsibility of the caterer to make sure that all food is removed and the kitchen is left in order. Upon his/her discretion, the Manager of 700 Wilmington will charge the renter an extra cleaning fee if the space is left unclean. An invoice will be sent and payment will be made within three (3) days.  This will be enforced. 


A general cleaning fee is charged for each venue.  All left-over decorations and other items will be regarded as refuse. A refuse container will be provided for the renter and it will be placed outside the Ballroom or Cabana service door.


No open flame cooking stations are allowed in the Ballroom. Cooking that takes place on the grounds outside the Ballroom must be approved by the Events Coordinator.


If there is any damage to the 700 Wilmington buildings or property, the renter is liable for the total of any necessary repairs, with a minimum charge of $300.00.  The repair cost will be billed to the renter.

NO TAPE of any kind can be used on the Ballroom or Cabana floors and walls. The customer is responsible for damages incurred by tape used to secure equipment, etc. and will be charged a $1000.00 damage fee if tape of any kind is found/used on the floor or walls.


Items such as glitter, confetti, sparkling sand, streamers, bubbles or fog machines are not allowed in the Ballroom or Cabana. If cleanup of these items is necessary, an additional cleaning fee will be billed to the renter.  The use of wire, staples, tacks, glue and similar items is prohibited and no items may be attached to any Ballroom or Cabana surface at any time.  Pillar Candles must have 4 inch clearance from the top of the rim of the vessel. 


700 Wilmington will not accept any freight or other delivered items on behalf of the client without prior approval and notification by the Events Coordinator.  Items may not be delivered prior to the contracted move-in time on the event date without prior approval by the Events Coordinator.

Event Information

700 Wilmington is not responsible for providing event information to the public.  A telephone number for your organization/representative should be included on all of your event literature and promotions. All promotional materials bearing “The Wilmington Plantation”,  “The Ballroom”  or “The Cabana” name(s) must be approved by the Board of Directors of 700 Wilmington.  No promotional materials may be released until the rental contract has been fully executed and the deposit received.

Event Move-in and Move-out Policy

All events will be allowed a two (2) hour move-in time. The move-in time will start two (2) hours before the event start time.  

All events must end by 11:00pm with one hour allowed for load-out and clean up at no additional charge. However, the move-out MUST end no later than 12:00 midnight to avoid additional charges.  

For the purpose of “move-out” time, all equipment should be removed by the agreed upon date and time with the Venue Administrator.  It is the renter’s responsibility to make certain that all equipment or any other items are cleared from the premises, even if this equipment is rented from an outside vendor.  Anything left on the premises will become the property of the 700 Wilmington or will be disposed of in the appropriate manner.  700 Wilmington is NOT responsible for property belonging to vendors or guests left at the event.


Event liability insurance is required for all events. The cost of the event insurance is the responsibility of the renter.  Proof of the event insurance must be sent to the property manager directly from the renter’s insurance representative.


Invitations for rental events may not use the name of 700 Wilmington except as the designated location of the event.  A client may not use name or likeness of 700 Wilmington to promote any event unless prior written approval has been granted by the Events Coordinator and the 700 Wilmington Board of Directors. 

Loading and Unloading of Equipment 

700 Wilmington cannot provide dollies or carts for the loading or unloading of client or contractor equipment or supplies.

All delivery vehicles, including catering vehicles, must be moved from visible locations thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the event. A designated parking area will be provided for vendors. 


Client must inform 700 Wilmington of any anticipated media coverage, either print or electronic, that may occur in conjunction with any scheduled event.  Use of 700 Wilmington's name to promote, advertise or sell tickets to an event, other than for location of the event, is prohibited unless prior written approval has been granted by the Events Coordinator and the 700 Wilmington's Board of Directors.  It is the responsibility of the renter to inform all media representatives that equipment, including cameras, tripods, etc. cannot be placed in front of fire exits and media must comply with all life/safety issues. 


700 Wilmington/Events Coordinator is not responsible for taking messages for event attendees.  A telephone number for your organization/representative should be included on your event literature and promotions. 


The band, disc jockey, or other entertainment entities are required to notify the Events Coordinator in advance of their equipment type, electrical set-up and requested delivery schedule. Load-in must be arranged in advance for 700 Wilmington events.  The 700 Wilmington will not provide equipment or any set-up for bands or DJs. If entertainers perform on a riser stage, stages may not exceed 16’ x 24’ in dimension, and may not cause any damage to any floor surface.  It will be the sole responsibility of the Client to contract with the appropriate vendor for any staging equipment including, but not limited to, risers, staging, pipe and drape, etc.

It is the responsibility of the renter, the band and/or the DJ to ensure that all appropriate copyrighted music licenses are obtained before the event takes place.

It is the responsibility of the renter, the band and the DJ to use floor protection approved by the Events Coordinator under their equipment during the load-in and load-out and for the duration of the event.  All load-in and load-out must be coordinated with the Events Coordinator.

NO TAPE of any kind can be used on the Ballroom or Cabana floors. The customer is responsible for damages incurred by tape used to secure equipment, etc. and will be charged a $1000.00 damage fee if tape of any kind is found/used on the floor.

700 Wilmington reserves the right to prohibit any equipment needing more power than the standard electrical outlet provided or any equipment that the 700 Wilmington believes is a fire or safety hazard.

The Events Coordinator must be notified and approve all such equipment at least seven (7) days prior to the event. Requests must be approved in writing by the Events Coordinator.

Outside Vendors 

700 Wilmington allows outside vendors to utilize the event facility, however we must receive the following items one week prior to the contracted event: proof of liability insurance coverage, valid food permit and business license.  If these documents are not received the vendors will not be permitted on the property. 


Posters and signs are to be mounted on easels or other individual displays.  They may not be affixed in any way to the Ballroom’s surfaces. It is the client’s responsibility to bring easels. Banners or other promotional materials found to be objectionable by the Wilmington Plantation Board of Directors will be removed at their discretion.

Power Failure

Under no circumstances will 700 Wilmington be held responsible or liable for interruption of power caused by lightning, thunderstorms, or any other “force of nature” situations.  This includes but is not limited to rental event power interruption, lost profits, lost data, business interruption, system failure, server failure, HVAC system failure or any other like situations caused by power failure.


A one (1) hour rehearsal is included in the rental fee and is allowed based on availability. After the one hour included, if additional time is needed for a rehearsal, there is a $100.00 per hour charge.


Professional security is required at all events at 700 Wilmington and must be a licensed security company.  Security charges are based on the venue, number of guests, etc.


The Ballroom, Cabana, bathrooms, catering kitchen and lobby area are smoke-free environments. The use of tobacco products is not allowed. A designated area outside the building will be the only smoking area. Please note that local law requires smokers to remain ten (10) feet from any public entrance.

Cabana Rental

The use of the swimming pool is not included with the Cabana rental.

Residents will have access to the pool and pool area at all times.

Bluff Rental

Outside restroom facilities must be rented for receptions on the Bluff.  

If you have any questions about the Facility Rental Policies, please contact 700 Wilmington's Venue Coordinator before you sign your contract.